At HAYMAKER, we believe that providing branded website solutions to small business should be affordable, easy and a vehicle to drive in new business.  We try to keep the process simple so you can focus on growing and operating your business.  However, you still may have questions and we welcome them.  Please contact us to get more information.

What's the length of your service contracts?

There are no long-term contracts here.  No short-term contracts either.  All we ask is that you give us a chance and we know you'll see the value.

Where is your pricing page?

Because much of what we do is specific to each business owner, there isn't one yet.  We've standardized much of the pricing to include a monthly service charge and one time set up fee.

Do you sell Insurance?

No, no and no.  We don't touch the stuff.  Our founder is a licensed but non-practicing Producer in Property & Casualty and Life & Disability in the State of Washington.

Are leads or visitors to my website shared with anyone besides me?

Your visitors are yours alone.  We do not engage in passing requests on to anyone.  Any forms filled out on your site go directly to the inbox of your choice.  You'll have instant access to inquiries on your website so you or your dedicated servicer can respond quickly and efficiently.  

Have a specific question in mind?